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We all are aware of the complexity of a vehicle. There are many working parts that need to work seamlessly together to ensure the vehicle is working properly and in the healthiest way possible. From changing the oil regularly, to double-checking tire pressure from time to time, to keeping a clean windshield, each piece of a car plays its part. But what about the more complex pieces of the vehicle -- how do we make sure those parts are healthy too? One of the most important parts of our vehicle is the transmission, and maintaining a properly working transmission is paramount when it comes to maintaining a properly working vehicle. If you're not quite sure when you might be in need of transmission service, let us help you out.

Pressing the Gas Feels Funny

The longer you own and drive your individual vehicle, the more and more familiar you will become with the very specific way the car drives. You will become very accustomed to the specific way the steering wheel turns for you, the way the turn blinker sounds when it's on, and the way the air conditioning works. One of the things you'll definitely become familiar with, and probably not even realize it, is the way your car accelerates. When you press down on the gas pedal you'll get to know the way the car shifts between gears and speeds up, which means you'll definitely notice if it starts to act differently. Should you notice any weird or unusual behavior in the way your vehicle accelerates there could be something wrong with the transmission.

Something is Rattling Around

Another way you will become familiar with your vehicle, and therefore be able to recognize when something might be wrong, is by the various sounds the car makes. Whether the car is driving, stopped or in neutral, you'll get to know the different sounds that your car makes. Which means you will be able to identify when there are any new or odd sounds coming from the car. This is especially important if you begin to hear any startling knocking noises coming from the engine. Should you at any time start to hear knocking noises it's important that you get in touch with a team of experienced auto technicians. There's a chance you're transmission is in need of repair.

Making sure your vehicle has a healthy and properly functioning transmission at all times is essential. Without a healthy transmission you quite simply can't have a healthy vehicle. Finding an auto repair shop who is trusted and has the experience to properly maintain your transmission is the first step in keeping your transmission as healthy as possible. If you think you may be in need of transmission service in Phoenix get in touch with us over here at Greg Clark Auto Specialists at (602) 353-7431 as soon as possible. Our experienced and knowledgeable auto technicians are available to inspect your transmission thoroughly and let you know if there are any areas in need of attention or repair.

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