Is It Time for Transmission Service?


When you have somewhere you need to go, your transmission in your car helps you get there. Anytime you need to accelerate, and your vehicle needs to shift from one gear into the next, it's your transmission that does this! However, this means a non-functioning transmission means you've got a non-functioning car. Anytime you need transmission service it's important that you have it done as quickly as possible so no further complications arise that could end up being more costly. Fast inspections means fast repairs and getting your car back out on the road, taking you where you need to go.

Why Do I Smell Something Burning in My Car?

There are a number of things we can grow to expect when we drive our vehicle. Whether we know how our windshield wipers work when rain starts to pour down from the sky or we know just how effective our air conditioner is in the summer, there are certain things we can expect from our car. One thing you should never expect, however, is the smell of something burning while you drive. If you begin to smell the scent of burning in your car it is a sure sign that you are overdue for a thorough inspection from a team of expert auto specialists. If you smell something burning while you drive it could be the sign of your transmission fluid either being too low in amount or too poor in quality. Transmission fluid is there to lubricate the metal parts of your transmission and preventing it from overheating. However, if you don't have enough transmission fluid or its grown dirty and ineffective your transmission can overheat and cause a burning scent. This is something to have checked out ASAP!

Why is My Engine Shifting Weird?

One of the primary roles of a transmission is ensuring our engine is able to properly shift from one gear to the next. If you've ever driven up an exceptionally steep hill you know the feeling of pressing down on the acceleration and feeling the car shift from one gear to the next. A working transmission is essential to a working vehicle! But what happens if your vehicle has become difficult to shift or is continually slipping out of gear? What if your vehicle no longer accelerates in the the same effective manner that it used to? This is a good sign that your vehicle is in need of transmission repair. If you've noticed that your vehicle no longer shifts from one gear to the next as it used to it's a good time to bring your car into a nearby auto repair center where trusted auto techs can properly inspect your transmission. If you are in need of transmission repair, they can provide it right away.

The transmission is one of the most important components of a functioning car. Without it you are unable to shift from one gear to the next and it's difficult to get anywhere you need to go. If you begin to smell burning in your car or experiencing odd shifting habits, it's a good idea to get in touch with a trusted auto repair center that can help you with immediate transmission assistance. The next time you think you might need transmission service in Phoenix take a moment and get in touch with us here at Greg Clark Auto Specialists at (602) 353-7431 right away! We understand how vital a transmission is to an overall healthy vehicle and are here to help get you where you need to go no matter the problem.

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