Three Car Problems Diagnosed by Sound


Three Car Problems Diagnosed by SoundModern vehicles are, in general, very quiet machines, even as they cruise down the road. A big reasons our cars are so quiet is due to noise deafening technology. This means that if you start to hear odd noises that seem to keep getting louder and louder, your vehicle has likely developed some sort of issue. That knocking or rumbling is bad for your car, so it is important to have the issue properly diagnosed by a professional mechanic before things get worse. Here are three common problems that result in strange noise coming from the vehicle.

Bad Engine Bearings

If your engine is producing a knock, knock, knock under the hood there is a good chance that the engine bearings have seen better days. The moving parts of the engine rely on these bearings and if they wear out due to high mileage or low oil levels they will begin to make this wretched noise. If left unchecked it is probable they will fail completely, creating a need for a new engine or an engine rebuild.

Worn Torque Converter

Cars equipped with an automatic transmissions also have a torque converter. This part is likely to fail if the vehicle is operated with low levels of transmission fluid. If. The most common problem that can happen to torque converters is damaged or worn out needle bearings. If these bearings go bad you will hear a grinding noise while the car is in gear, but not in neutral. You should never wait to repair transmission problems, as any delay can lead to more drastic issues and a need for more extensive repairs.

Exhaust Leak

A common reason for a loud vehicle is an exhaust leak. Even small leaks can create a rumbling noise and cause the whole car to vibrate. Exhaust leaks need to be addressed as soon as they are suspected because they can result in hazardous fumes leaking into the passenger cabin. So if it sounds like your daily driver is suddenly a racecar, get to the auto repair shop for diagnostics right away.

If your vehicle seems to be yelling for help, don't delay having the problem diagnosed. Bring your car to a trusted auto repair shop that will be able to resolve the issue in a fast and affordable manner. For professional automotive diagnostics in Phoenix head to Greg Clark Automotive Specialists. We strive to provide the highest quality auto repair for all makes and models, including light diesels and fleet vehicles. Give us a call at (602) 353-7431 to learn more about our services or to schedule superior auto repair in Phoenix today.

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