Top Signs of Suspension Trouble

Top Signs of Suspension Trouble

Top Signs of Suspension TroubleDo you enjoy how smooth your vehicle's ride is? Then you better maintain its suspension health. While the suspension is often thought of as the component that provides vehicle occupants with a comfy ride, it actually does much more than that, as the suspension plays a huge role in safety as well. It helps your vehicle maintain a straight path over bumpy terrain and keeps it controllable while cornering, preventing rollovers or spinning out. If you experience any of the following signs of suspension trouble be sure to head to an auto repair shop to have it repaired to keep your car comfortable and safe!

Oily Struts

If you notice an oily substance on the outside of your car's struts or shock absorbers, they will likely need to be replaced. These parts use a special fluid that helps absorb cracks and bumps in the road. If it leaks the shocks will no longer be able to function properly, quickly causing your smooth ride to turn into a rough one.

Rolling Sensation

When you drive around a corner you should feel like you're in complete control of your car. If you get a sensation that your car is beginning to roll over, spin out of control, or otherwise not go where you want it to, then it is likely because the anti-sway bar needs to be replaced. This is the part that shifts the vehicle's center of gravity to keep the car upright!

Low Corner

Another common symptom of failed suspension is if one corner of the car rides lower than the rest, but all the tires are properly inflated. This indicates the shocks or struts in that corner are no longer able to return to their riding position, probably due to age, general wear and tear or a malfunction. This can cause control problems and increase tire wear, so get to the shop ASAP.

Bouncy Ride

One of the most obvious signs of suspension issues is if your vehicle continuously bounces as you drive. If you believe that you're experiencing an excessively bouncy ride you can test your car's suspension in your own driveway. Push on the trunk or hood several times to make the car to start to bounce. It should return to stable ride height and stop moving up and down within three to four bounces once you stop pushing on the more. Any more than that and it is probably in need of suspension service.

The suspension is an integral part of your car that keeps your ride safe and comfy so do not wait to have it repaired if problems occur. If you believe that your car needs suspension repair in Phoenix head to Greg Clark Automotive Specialists. Our auto repair experts will ensure your vehicle is safe and comfortable to drive when it leaves our shop. Give us a call at (602) 353-7431 to schedule superior auto repair in Phoenix today.

Greg Clark Auto Specialists BlogPosted: March 3, 2020

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