Simple Tips for Increased MPGs


Simple Tips for Increased MPGsThere are numerous driving habits that you can break in order to increase your MPGs, such as avoiding quick acceleration, not traveling faster than the posted speed limit (especially when on the freeway) and not speeding up to make it through yellow lights. By being an attentive driver and keeping up with scheduled auto maintenance you'll be able to get the most out of your car's gas tank. Here's five tips for higher MPGs!

Replace Spark Plugs

The spark plugs are what creates the tiny explosions that power the pistons up and down to create the power that is eventually transferred to the wheels. If they become dirty or corroded they can misfire, which causes your engine to run rough and wastes gas at the same time. Refer to your owner's manual to find out how often your vehicle needs new spark plugs!

New Air Filter

Your car runs on a mixture of air and gasoline. If air can't make it into the combustion chamber due to a clogged air filter your engine will compensate by burning additional gasoline. This is called running rich and aside from dropping fuel efficiency it can cause numerous other engine troubles.

Use the Proper Fuel Grade

Different vehicles use different fuel grades, which is why there is generally three buttons on the fuel pump. High performance cars need higher grades of gas and by using lower grades your fuel efficiency will drop, and you may end up with a rough idling vehicle.

Properly Inflate Tires

One of the most important things you can do for your car is to ensure that the tires are properly inflated. Tires that are not filled to their proper PSI rating, which is the measurement for air pressure, can drop fuel efficiency by 25 percent or more because the engine must work harder to make the soft rubber roll. Not to mention poorly inflated tires will cause control issues with your vehicle, which should be a major safety concern.

Keep Up with Scheduled Maintenance

By keeping up with scheduled maintenance you can ensure that your car is in the best possible condition in regard to running right. During these services technicians will perform a variety of auto maintenance tasks and check for numerous issues throughout your vehicle. There is a reason that factory scheduled maintenance schedules exist!

It's easy to get excited about the low gas prices, but don't let them get in the way of the auto maintenance that your car desperately needs in order to provide you with optimal performance. If you need any auto maintenance in Phoenix make an appointment with Greg Clark Automotive Specialists. Our team of professional ASE certified technicians will take excellent care of your car. Give us a call at (602) 353-7431 to make an appointment for expert factory strong>auto maintenance in Phoenix today.

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