6 Signs that it's Time for Brake Repair


6 Signs that it's Time for Brake RepairAs you go about your daily driving routine, you might not often stop to think about the work that your brakes are doing. But as you drive to the office and back each day, your brakes are playing a critical role in maintaining your safety on the road. It's impossible to predict when you might find yourself crossing paths with a drunk driver or a startled deer. In that pivotal moment, you need your brakes to work precisely as they should. Here's a look at six signs that you need brake repair.


If you can feel vibrations when you step on the pedal, this could be an indication that you have warped rotors.


This could be a sign that the small piece of metal attached to your brake pad has started to rub up against the rotor. By getting to the shop at the first sign of squealing, you could save yourself from more expensive repairs.


This suggests that your brake pads have essentially disintegrated and that you're now at great risk of damage to your discs. The sound you're hearing is metal grinding on metal.


If your car pulls to one side when you apply pressure to the brakes, then you could be dealing with a caliper that has frozen up as a result of corrosion. This is especially serious because it means you no longer have complete control over the operation of your vehicle.

ABS Light Comes On

This light stands for anti-lock braking system. If it illuminates, you should quickly get to the shop to have the issue checked out.

Brake Fluid Leak

For your brakes to function as they should, the need a proper amount of fluid. A brake fluid leak will often be accompanied by a soft or spongy pedal, and you'll likely find a clearish-brown liquid dripping by the wheels or from the brake master cylinder.

If you're in need of brake repair, be sure to get in touch with a reputable auto shop. For expert brake repair in Phoenix head to Greg Clar Automotive Specialists. Our auto repair experts will ensure your car is safe and reliable to drive! To schedule an appointment for expert auto repair in Phoenix call us at (602) 353-7431 today!

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