Do I Need Automatic Transmission Repair?


Do I Need Automatic Transmission Repair?Your transmission is a very intricate machine designed to transmit power created inside the motor down the driveshaft and to the wheels. With regular maintenance your vehicle will be able to handle this process flawlessly for many years. However, as the miles rack up, or if maintenance goes undone, you could find yourself facing transmission trouble. When it comes to automatic transmissions there are a few issues that you should pay attention to so you can get to the shop before the problem grows worse.

Humming or Whining Noise

No noise is a good noise if it is coming from your car's transmission. If you hear humming, whining, whirring or other strange noises be sure to let an expert tech run diagnostics.

Shaking or Grinding when Shifting

Another sign of automatic transmission trouble is if the vehicle will not shift smoothly. There may seem to be a struggle for the car to get in the gear, causing a grinding noise or a shaking sensation during shifting.

Delayed Response

If your vehicle doesn't shift as soon as you put it in gear, or if the engine revs high while shifting, it may be low on transmission fluid.


A very bad sign you may experience is if the transmission shifts very hard, causing a loud clunk that can be felt throughout the car.

Slipping Gears

If your car seems to shift between gears erratically, or even falls out of gear, you will want to visit an auto shop for further diagnostics.

Leaking/Low Automatic Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is necessary for proper operation. Low levels of transmission fluid can result in a number of issues, including complete transmission failure. If you find a reddish fluid leaking from your car, it's likely transmission fluid.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light isn't just for engine problems, it could represent an issue with the transmission. Anytime the light comes on, head to your local mechanic.

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