4 Signs Your Car Needs Suspension Repair


Suspension is a critical system in your car, as it performs a couple very important functions. The thing it does that most people are familiar is providing a comfy ride over all sorts of terrain. However, it has a much more imperative job, in regard to safety. While driving, it is up to the suspension to ensure all four wheels remain in contact with the ground at all times, which allows for full braking power to be applied at anytime. It also prevents the vehicle from rolling over while cornering. For these reasons it's very important that you have any suspension troubles repaired right away. The following are four common signs it is time for suspension repair.

Oily Struts

If your car seems to be bouncy or is giving you a rough, stiff ride, there is a quick test you can do to check the health of the car's struts. Rub a rag over the struts, which are usually accessible under the hood or through the wheel wells. If an oily substance is present on them then they may have cracked cases or seals that are allowing oil to leak from them. This oil is necessary for absorbing the unevenness of the road and should it leak out, you will quickly lose ride comfort and control.

Rolling Sensation

One of the scarier signs of suspension trouble is if your car feels like it's going to roll over while going cornering. This is a strong indication that the anti-sway bar is not functioning properly and needs to be replaced. This part of the suspension is designed to shift the center of gravity of the vehicle, thus preventing it from rolling or otherwise going out of control while cornering.

Bounce Test

You can check the health of the shocks by pushing on the hood or trunk of your car a few times to get it to start bouncing up and down. The vehicle should return to normal ride height within four bounces, once you stop pressing. Any more bounces then that and you'll want to visit an auto shop for proper diagnostics and service.

One Corner of Car is Low

If one corner of your vehicle looks lower than the others, but there is not a flat tire, then it makes sense to assume suspension parts have failed and collapsed upon themselves in that corner of the vehicle.

By performing suspension repairs you'll be keeping your ride comfortable safe. When it is time for suspension repair in Phoenix head to Greg Clark Automotive Specialists. Our crew of auto repair and maintenance experts will have your car driving like new in no time. To schedule any sort of car repair in Phoenix give us a call at (602) 353-7431 today.

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