Four Services that Keep Your Car Safe to Drive


Four Services that Keep Your Car Safe to DriveDriving a car is a big responsibility. These machines are big, heavy and go pretty dang fast. You don't have to search far into your local newspaper to see reports of deadly accidents that occur daily. While many accidents are caused by drunk or inattentive drivers, numerous other are the result of poor maintenance habits. If you wish to keep your vehicle safe to drive, be sure to conduct the following services as necessary.

Brake Repair

If you ever suspect brake trouble it is important that you have them serviced as soon as possible. The most common symptoms of braking problems include a grinding or whining sound as you slow down, pulling or veering when you hit the brakes, brake pedal vibrations or a soft or spongy brake pedal. All of these issues require immediate attention, as they can result in the loss of braking capabilities. Unhealthy brakes are a likely cause of an accident.

Wheel Alignments

Does it seem as if your car is trying to drift left or right as you drive? Does your steering wheel shake back and forth? These are common signs that your vehicle's wheel alignment has been thrown off. This essentially means that at least one tire is trying to go in a direction that is different from the others, resulting in your vehicle being pulled in different directions at the same time. This can happen following a run in with a pot hole or curb, or a larger accident, as well as due to general wear and tear of steering components. This issue present control problems, so don't hesitate to have an alignment completed if your car won't go straight!

Tire Care & Replacement

Your tires are what connect your vehicle to the ground. It is important to pay attention their condition on a regular basis. If you notice that your vehicle's tires have cracking or bubbling rubber, or seem deflated, head to an auto shop for further inspection. Good tread is necessary for proper traction to assist with steering and braking. Driving on balding tires could also result in a blow out, causing you to possibly lose control of your vehicle and need to pull over.

Power Steering Fluid Flush

Many vehicle's require power steering fluid flushes to ensure that the system is free of contaminants. If your car needs this service do not put it off. If you do the breakdown of parts could allow debris into the fluid, which causes further damage to the power steering system, thus making your car more difficult to control.

It's your responsibility to keep your vehicle safe to drive. If it is time for any sort of auto repair or auto maintenance in Phoenix be sure to visit Greg Clark Automotive Specialists. Our team of highly skilled technicians can perform any service necessary to keep your vehicle safe and reliable. Give us a call at (602) 353-7431 to request professional auto repair in Phoenix today.

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