5 Signs You Should Bring Your Car to the Auto Repair Shop


5 Signs You Should Bring Your Car to the Auto Repair ShopHow do you know if you should visit an auto shop? What are the major symptoms of car trouble? The answers to these questions are key when deciding if you should head to a car repair shop or not. The short answer is that if you believe that your vehicle is having trouble operating you should head to the shop, but the following offers a few specifics regarding the top signs of trouble and why it is necessary to have a technician check out your car.


If you notice your vehicle shaking or vibrating during certain actions, or constantly, you'll want to visit the technician. A vibrating gas pedal could be caused by an exhaust leak, which is dangerous to your car and your personal health. If the steering wheel constantly shakes back and forth your car may be due for a wheel alignment.

Strange Noises

There are many issues that can create weird noises in your car and many of them are quite serious. A big issue is squealing brakes. If the brake pads are worn low it may hinder your ability to stop in a reasonable amount of time and distance. Another problem is grinding gears, which may indicate low levels of transmission fluid.


Your car uses many different fluids to operate its various systems and none of them should ever leak. You may spot engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid or differential fluid coming from your car or truck if it develops a leak.

Decreased Performance

Does your car seem to be getting lower fuel efficiency? Is it having trouble getting up to speed or is it idling rough? These are not problems that are going to fix themselves but they could very well be easily repaired.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light is often ignored. If this light comes on in your car don't hesitate to visit the repair shop for proper diagnostics. Many times this indicates a small problem that can be easily serviced, but if left unchecked it could grow much worse, thus requiring more expensive repairs.

Never hesitate to contact a technician if you believe your vehicle is having trouble and is in need of car repair. No matter what symptoms your vehicle is putting off be sure to schedule expert auto repair in Phoenix at Greg Clark Automotive Specialists. Our team of qualified auto repair and maintenance technicians will run diagnostics and have you back on the street in a safe and reliable vehicle in a fast and affordable manner. Give us a call at (602) 353-7431 to learn more.

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