5 Signs it is Time for a Wheel Alignment


5 Signs it is Time for a Wheel AlignmentToday's automobiles are engineered to be extremely safe, comfortable and easy to drive. But that does not mean a run in with a curb or pothole won't cause any issues, as well as general wear and tear. Cars that are involved in accidents or hit a bad bump are likely to be thrown out of alignment, making your ride a bit more shaky, causing vehicle control problems. If you experience any of the following signs of bad wheel alignment be sure to head to the local auto shop to have the problem repaired to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive.

Crooked Steering Wheel

One of the more common signs of an alignment problem is a steering wheel that is off kilter as you drive straight down the road. The steering wheel may rest easy off-center or you may have to hold it there to keep your vehicle going straight, but the problem is obvious and a repair is necessary.

Hard Pulling

Hard pulling is the name of the feeling you get when it seems that your car is constantly trying to turn in one direction or the other against your will with a fair amount of force.

Soft Pulling

Soft pulling, unlike hard pulling, is often barely noticeable. If you have a light grip on the steering wheel you may notice your car starting to drift to one side or the other, but it's easily controllable. However this issue still needs to be taken care of ASAP, as it will only get worse.

Steering Wheel Vibration

A car that is out of alignment will cause the steering wheel to shake back and forth, and if it is bad enough the entire car will vibrate. This happens because if a car is out of alignment it means two wheels are pointing in opposite directions, causing the vehicle to try and travel two separate ways as well, which causes the wheel to shake and shimmy.

Uneven Tire Wear

A common symptom of an alignment issue that isn't always the most easy to spot is uneven tire wear. Every once in awhile you should inspect your car's tires to ensure they decent shape and wearing properly. An alignment problem will cause tires that are out of alignment to wear differently from the one on the opposite side. This leads to a need to replace your tires sooner than you would normally have to.

If you suspect a wheel alignment issue be sure to have an expert technician take your car for a test drive. If you believe you need a wheel alignment in Phoenix head to Greg Clark Automotive Specialists. Our professional auto repair technicians will ensure your car is safe and sound when it leaves our shop. To schedule superior auto repair in Phoenix give us a call at (602) 353-7431 today.

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