Expert Wheel Alignment


If a vehicle were like a human body, then the wheels are a lot like the legs and feet: they help you get where you need to go. This is why it's so essential to stay on top of the condition of your wheels and all parts that keep them functioning correctly. One of these important steps is making sure your wheel alignment is always correct. While you may simply assume your wheels are aligned right if they all touch the ground at the same time, the truth of the matter is that they can be thrown out of alignment by seemingly simple things or simply be installed incorrectly. If you think you might be in need of help with your wheel alignment be sure to find a team of trusted auto experts, like the group you'll find at Greg Clark Auto Specialists.

Why Is My Steering Wheel Pulling Me?

If you're wondering what some of the signs of needing wheel alignment are a good place to start is with the steering wheel. All drivers know what it's like to get in a car, think of a destination, and then turn the steering wheel in the direction you need to go. However, sometimes if the wheel alignment is thrown off the steering wheel may feel like it's developed a mind of its own and is starting to pull you in one direction or another. If you start to notice that your car seems to be drawn to one side or the other it could be a sign that you are in need of some wheel alignment adjustments. It's always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to issues with your vehicle, so don't hesitate to bring it into a trusted auto maintenance center where a team of experts can help you out right away.

Uneven Tire Wear

Another sign that your wheel alignment may not be quite right is if you begin to notice some uneven tire wear going on. When installed and working properly, your wheels should be demonstrating evidence of the full tire hitting the pavement all at once. If, however, your wheel alignment is not quite right there's a good possibility that only part of the wheel is connecting with the roadway and therefore only part of the wheel shows evidence of wear and tear. Should you notice this it's important you get your car to a nearby auto repair center so the problem can be fixed right away. Uneven tire wear may seem innocuous, but it can lower the efficiency of your gas mileage and reduce the overall lifespan of your tires.

Without a healthy set of wheels on a vehicle you can't expect you get very far. They are like the legs and feet of a car! This is why it's so important to take wonderful care of your wheels at all times, which includes making sure the alignment is always where it should be. If you begin to notice uneven tire wear or have noticed your steering wheel pulling you in weird directions, it might be time to bring you car to a nearby auto repair center that can help check out the state of your wheels. If you believe you may be in need of help with your wheel alignment in Phoenix don't be afraid to get in touch with our team of auto experts over here at Greg Clark Auto Specialists at (602) 353-7431 as soon as you can. We pride ourselves in our team of highly trained team of auto technicians who not only will be able to make sure your wheel alignment is spot on, but that your vehicle as a whole is in top condition.

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